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Reopening Church for Sunday worship

We are back worsipping again on a Sunday morning in our church building but obviously are taking precautions to prevent the spread of Covid.  The government announced that most legal restrictions would be lifted & that it expects people to use personal judgement.   This made our plans quite difficult to make, as we balance opening up church as much as possible & ensuring we provide a safe environment for members during the continued high levels of cases.   Sorry, there is a lot to take in but we believe this will helps dispel concerns & answer the many questions people have.  These are initial provisions and we will continue to review them as necessary.


·     We have now returned to our normal 10:30am start time 

·     We try to limit time in the building and Services will remain shorter for now (max. 1.5 hour)

·     Windows and main doors will remain open for ventilation.



Due to government regulations we are required to wear face coverings all the time whilst in the building, the only exception being those leading worship (preachers, readers , singers) 

·     We would therefore ask & expect that people wear masks 

·     Disposable masks will be available to people who forget masks.

·     Children do not need to wear masks except those of senior school up, who follow the above guidance.

·     Wearing of masks is respectful to others, so please follow the above as we care for each other.  


Coming into church

·     We will not have a booking system, as we believe our capacity is well above expected attendance levels.

·     We will not be registering people in, but there will be the option to QR code yourself if you would like to or register your details (please bring your own pen).

·     There will be a sanitising station at the doorway (outside kitchen door) & sanitiser throughout the building.

·     Our main entrance will be used as entrance & exit so do not clog the doorway. Please wait either inside or outside rather than cross in that area.

·     Please move to your seat as quickly as possible.



·     Chairs are spaced in groupings, and you can decide where you want to sit & feel most comfortable with.

·     Those more cautious or for medical reasons can sit in an area that is more spaced out, (the windows side of the building)

·     In the centre & next to the baptistry are more normal longer rows (although rows are spaced substantially more than pre Covid)

·     A more open area at the back of church allows families with young children be free either sit on chairs, on the floor, on bean bags. Whilst there being plenty of space to be able to play a game, colour, read …basically be kids!

·     For those senior school children wishing to sit with their friends, there is a row for them just in front of the audio-visual desk if they are comfortable using that.

·     As per government guidance we would encourage people to be in family bubbles however you can choose to sit with another family as long as you both agree.  We particularly appreciate that individuals who come on their own may wish to sit with someone else its part of being in fellowship. However please respect each other’s wishes & check that all are comfortable with this, remember use personal judgement & common sense.



·     Children are a key part of our church & we want them & families to feel comfortable in the service, that’s why we have set the relaxed carpeted area at the back for them as above.

·     If your child needs a bit more space then please feel free to use the Rainbows room, you can still listen via the online service.

·     We are putting on childrens provision in our back hall with the children leaving shortly after the start of the service.  

·     Please feel free to bring own games & toys, wipes will be provided to keep them clean



·     Communion is prepared Covid safe to avoid touching of bread & is served to avoid any touching.

·     Communion will occur once a month on the 4th Sunday. 


After the service

·     We would encourage people to leave the building as soon as possible, but in an orderly fashion to not over crowd the entrance.

·     The preacher & leaders will be outside to chat with you.

·     We would encourage Socialising in the carpark where it is safer; & we will cordon off part of the car park for this.

·     For families with young children it may be safer for you to catch up inside the building & that is fine to remain there if you wish.

·     Please do catch up with each other, that’s being family.  But also please respect each other’s space when doing so.

·     We have suspended coffee & tea after the service but may reinstate in coming weeks.


What else can I do to protect others?


·     Many people are taking twice weekly lateral flow tests, if that’s you why not take it before attending church?   If you are feeling ill & specifically have Covid 19 symptoms, please do not attend.  Symptoms are: -

o   A new continuous cough

o   A high temperature

o   Loss or change in your normal sense of taste or smell.


·     If you have been in close contact with someone who has Covid 19 please do not attend until you have isolated.


Watch online


·     We appreciate there are those who may not yet feel comfortable to attend in person.  So, we will be continuing with our live broadcast via the ‘online church’.   It’s not ‘songs of praise’ though! & the cameras will be focused on the Worship group /preacher not the congregation, although it may catch the back of a head whilst singing or a raised hand of worship,   but no need for your best hat! 

·     The cameras are forward facing & will definitely not capture anyone sat on the carpeted area if you have a specific concern about being on camera.


 Still to do 


·     We are following the Baptist Unions guidance on opening church & are completing their Risk Assessments. 

·     Important - We will need extra help particularly with stewarding/welcome , as we safely guide people in. If you can help let the office know - .  If we don’t have the help, we won’t be able to open up, so please don’t leave it to others.


If you still do not feel you are able to join the live worship that absolutely fine, we all have to make personal judgements & we do understand that, please do join in with our online services.  We would encourage everyone in our church to keep in touch, particularly with those not able to attend in person.

Reopening Church for Sunday worship
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