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Fellowship Bands

'Fellowship bands' are an amazing way to grow as disciples of Jesus. They involve 3-4 friends meeting with Jesus, seeking his Spirit. Band meetings are at least once a month for 1.5-2 hours. Bands are not a course or programme but a way of life. Band members seek a life of 'mission-shaped discipleship' through deep spiritual conversation.  We have bands at Lister Hill that help people grow closer to Jesus, and see him at work in their daily lives. Bands are different to house groups and prayer meetings - each has their place, but each achieves different things.

Imagine consciously walking with Jesus in everyday life just like the early disciples, and witnessing his miraculous life first hand! Imagine the good news stories you could share with others about how you walk with him, and talk with him, and work with him to change the lives of those around you. Imagine him calling you friend, and inviting you to know his heart and his ways, so you might step with him into the kingdom that is coming all around. And imagine being one of his closest friends – like Peter, James, and John – who got to share life most intimately with him, and one another. This is what an Inspire Fellowship Band is about. The question is, who are your Peter, James, and John?…

Find out more about Inspire by clicking here or come talk to us to find out more. This can be life changing no matter how long you have been following Jesus for, or even if you aren't!

Fellowship Bands
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