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Words of Hope & Encouragement

This area is for messages of hope and encouragement, submitted by members of our congregation.  It is updated frequently, so please check regularly for latest updates!

If you would like to contribute to this page, please send a video, image or message to or contact the church office.  


A Walk Into The Unknown.

Marion Thompson shares an encouraging message.


The UK Blessing

Shared by Kevin Weeks

'At this unique and challenging time in the United Kingdom over 65 churches and movements, representing hundreds of others, have come together online to sing a blessing over our land. Standing together as one, our desire is that this song will fill you with hope and encourage you.'


A Poem For Lockdown

Poem and video by Tony Collinson


To The Sisters In My Life

Shared by Christine Murgatroyd


Be Transformed.

A video by Tony Collinson.



Mike Rushfirth shares a few words for people who may be wrestling with anxiety at the moment.


Love And Pray For One Another Pt2.

Anne Beck responds to Mike Rushfirths's first message, encouraging us to continue to love and pray for one another.


Raise a Hallelujah!  

A message from Jonny Forsythe

And here is the song that Jonny refers to, Raise A Hallelujah by Bethel Music...


Forgiven (David Crowder).

Shared by Kevin Weeks for Easter


Greater Love.

A video by Tony Collinson


Garden Song Birds.  

Photos and script by Andrew Thompson, Voiceover and editing by Tony Collinson.


Love And Pray For One Another.

A message of encouragement from Mike Rushfirth


Palm Sunday.

A fantastic picture created by Joseph Beatham for Palm Sunday


Goodness of God (Bethel Music).

Shared by Dot Newsome


New Every Morning.

A video by Tony Collinson


The Satsuma Movie!

A video by Dave Brear


Much More Valuable

A video by Tony Collinson


Be Strong.

A video by Tony Collinson






Words of Hope & Encouragement
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